We are proud to manufacture a quality and reputable 100% ingredient transparent food product.  QuinoAmino first of its kind by being the only non supplemental daily nutrients fix.  QuinoAmino is a food for beautiful skin, hair, strength and health.  Our ingredients are natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo, sugar-free and hypoallergenic.  As we continue to grow our brand and expand our reach, we are excited to provide industry-leading opportunities for qualified vendors to expand their product catalog with the best food products in the food industry.


To get started click on the chat button now and open a conversation with us expressing your interest in becoming a national vendor.  We will inform you of the next steps to take to become a national vendor, and go over the minimum order requirements to be eligible to receive vendor wholesale discounts. 

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*While QuinoAmino will have positive effects in your overall health, it does not guarantee to treat or cure everyone.  Nor is it intended to diagnose or prevent every disease.

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