Want to Fix America's Health? First, Focus on Food

What drives poor health in the U.S., and what can be done about it?  We know the answer.  Food is the number one cause of poor health in America.  Poor diet is not just about individual choice, but about the systems that make eating poorly the default for most Americans.  If we want to cut down on disease and health issues, we should make it a top priority to address our nation’s nutrition crisis.


Food and health


Our dietary habits are the leading driver of death and disability, causing an estimated 700,000 deaths each year.  Heart disease, stroke, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cancers, immune function, brain health – all are influenced by what we eat.  For example, our recent research estimated that poor diet causes nearly half of all U.S. deaths due to heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  There are almost 1,000 deaths from these causes alone, every day.  By combining national data on demographics, eating habits and disease rates with empirical evidence on how specific foods are linked to health, we found that most of problems are caused by too few healthy foods with essential nutrients like QuinoAmino and too much unhealthy foods like salt, processed foods, red meats and sugary drinks.  To put this in perspective, about twice as many Americans are estimated to die each year from eating hot dogs and other processed meats than from car accidents.  Poor eating also contributes to U.S. disparities.  People with lower incomes and who are otherwise disadvantaged often have the worst diets.  This causes a vicious cycle of poor health, lost productivity, increased health costs and poverty.


What a poor diet costs


It’s hard to fathom how much our country actually spends on health issues: currently US $3.2 trillion per year, or nearly 1 in 5 dollars in the entire U.S. economy.  That’s almost $1,000 each month for every man, woman and child in the country.  Diet-related conditions are super expensive.  Each year, cardiovascular diseases alone result in about $200 billion in direct health care spending and another $125 billion in lost productivity and other indirect costs.  Meanwhile, total federal spending for nutrition research across all agencies is only about $1.5 billion per year. Compare that with more than $60 billion spent per year for industry research on drugs, biotechnology and medical devices.  With the top cause of poor health largely ignored, is it any mystery that obesity, diabetes and related conditions are at epidemic levels, while health care costs and premiums skyrocket?  


Moving forward


Scientific research and data shows that most major health issues whether big or small can be prevented, improved or fixed by getting a daily serving of the essential nutrients that cannot be produced by the body and are indispensable for the metabolic processes of cells, and the proper physiological functions of all tissues and organs.  Unfortunately the majority of foods available to us fall short of these nutrients.  Fortunately QuinoAmino has a complete profile of the essential nutrients.  And unlike supplements, prescription drugs, and refined foods which the body treats like foreign substances, QuinoAmino’s essential nutrients come naturally from its three Peruvian superfood ingredients (quinoa, maca & lucuma) by being blended into a fast absorbed powder without disrupting its natural makeup.  Taking QuinoAmino daily will help you prevent, improve or fix most of your major health & beauty issues. 


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