Hack Your Sex Drive With Maca. Nature's Aphrodisiac and Libido Booster

February 8, 2018

Maca is an interesting little root.  The Peruvian plant only grows in the most inhospitable parts of the Andes, yet it’s becoming popular worldwide as an aphrodisiac and fertility booster.  It also has a tremendous nutritional profile which is why it is also 1 of the 3 ingredients in QuinoAmino.  Its mild, earthy taste means it pairs nicely with chocolate (cacao) and disappears into smoothies.  There’s been a decent amount of research on maca for sex drive and libido, with interesting results.  Here's a closer look at what maca does, along with a few thoughts on when and how to eat it.


Keep reading to learn how maca can fix your sexual health

Improve Your Sexual Health, Enhance Your Energy, Mood and Memory


Unlike powdered rhinoceros horn, dried tiger penis, and most other traditional aphrodisiacs, maca actually works.  There’s some evidence to back up claims of its sex-enhancing properties.  In a double-blind 2002 study, researchers gave 57 men either 1.5g maca, 3g maca, or placebo. The men received their dosage daily for 12 weeks.  After 8 weeks, men in the two maca groups reported heightened sexual desire.  Another study looked at 20 depressed men on SSRIs – antidepressants that often decrease sex drive – and found that 3g of maca daily significantly increased self-reported libido.  A similar study looking at 45 women on antidepressants found maca had the same effect.  A fourth study of 8 endurance athletes found that 10g a day of maca increased self-reported sexual desire and stamina.


That said, they were also all double-blind, placebo-controlled, and randomized, and each one showed the same pattern of results: maca increased libido and stamina.  Add in a 2001 study showing that both 1.5g and 3g of daily maca increased sperm count and sperm motility, plus another one showing that it improved erectile dysfunction, and it seems like there may be something to the claim that maca is an aphrodisiac. 



Always take your maca


Maca is a good source of vitamin C, iron, potassium, and copper.  It is high in tough-to-find iodine and it has a superb amount of B vitamins.  Maca is 1 of the only 3 superfood ingredients in QuinoAmino, the other ingredients are Quinoa and Lucuma.  These 3 ingredients together have a complete essential nutrient profile.  QuinoAmino is not a supplement, it's food that's good for everyone and it comes in an instant ready-to-use powder form that has a malty, nutty, slightly sweet flavor that pairs well with anything, so it’s a great addition to smoothies or protein shakes.  You could even spoon some into your morning coffee.  However you take it, be sure your maca is high-quality stuff.  



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