This Ancient Seed Could Seriously Strengthen Your Hair

January 28, 2018


The ancient seed you know and love as quinoa is basically OG superfood status at this point.  It's undoubtedly in your go-to salad, lunch bowl, or dinner recipe due to its nutritional prowess--so, at a time when beauty labels are starting to be as clean as (healthy) nutrition labels, it comes as no surprise that the super seed is making its way to your personal care regimen.  One way to incorporate it?  In your hair-care routine.  Take it from Cesar Valdizan,

Dr. QuinoAmino, a single parent with an 11-year-old daughter who constantly struggled with frizzy hair.  "A friend suggested a keratin straightening treatment, but when I saw it uses formaldehyde, that wasn't something I was comfortable putting on my daughter," he says. 


So he did what any savvy dad would do: Concocted a solution himself (which happened to be QuinoAmino).  Turns out the key ingredient for smooth, healthy hair was the super seed you know and love as quinoa.  Makes sense, when you think about it (it's a complete protein, after all).  


Keep reading to see how the superfood helps your locks.


The power of quinoa


Complete protein is a key factor in your own hair's strength.  Your strands are made out of keratin, which is a protein (in case you missed that in science class) so reinforcing it with another protein helps keep it strong.  Quinoa is strengthening and moisturizing due to the amino acids content.  Amino acids are the building blocks of cells, so it's essential for both skin and hair to function.  "The quinoa in QuinoAmino is the best known source of protein because of its perfect composition of amino acids," says Dr. Craig E. Coleman, associate professor of Plant & Wildlife Sciences at Brigham Young University.


Dr. QuinoAmino discovered QuinoAmino was beneficial for hair once he saw how well it smoothed his and his daughters hair.  "Quinoa's complete protein adds strength and protection to your hair," says Dr. QuinoAmino.  "Since the seed has the highest concentration of protein than any other, and it has all of the essential amino acids that your body can't make on its own.  When you walk around and let sunlight and oxygen interact with your strands, the outer layer of your hair becomes damaged--and the amino acids of quinoa match the natural keratin and fill in the gaps from that damage."  He adds "not only is it a superstar strengthener and smoothing VIP, but it's good for your color as well.  Quinoa's an antioxidant, which could help prevent your color from fading."  Well, this is another of many positive reasons to make QuinoAmino your daily nutrients fix.



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