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Failure to Thrive...How QuinoAmino Helped My Baby Grow Healthy

August 11, 2017

Have you ever wondered how amazing breast milk is? Yeah, me either. Actually, breast milk is the only food a newborn baby needs in order to thrive. It is full of nutrients and has the ability to fight off germs and diseases that the baby may be exposed to outside the womb. It strengthens their immunity and helps them grow. It's as close to perfect as a food can get. And it is a huge blessing to a baby when it can get breast milk as its main source of food.


But what happens when a mother is not able to nurse? Or when a baby simply does not have access to breast milk? There are many reasons why some babies do not or cannot get breast milk. I am a firm believer that "breast is best". And I nursed both my older boys til they were past one. However, my little Carsten was a different story. For months I tried to nurse him. I literally cried from pain due to cases of mastitis. He cried from not being able to latch properly due to tongue tie, and we were both miserable. Carsten and I could NOT bond through nursing anymore. It was heartbreaking for me, but it was time to move on and try something else. 


Now, we all know that there is this wonderful alternative called formula. Is it breast milk? No! Is it a perfect food? No! But will it get the job done? Yes! Now, at the time I was not super thrilled about giving my baby formula when I knew my body could produce the perfect food. However, it was my only option at the time. There was nothing else that I knew of that could help my 4 month old grow, and be safe for him as well. 


I started the formula and I wish I could tell you that everything went fine. But it didn't.  Now, I know that many women give their babies formula and they ARE just fine with it, but it was a pain for us. First, Carsten did not take it well. The formula made him cry and cry, and cry, and cry some more. In fact, he was inconsolable. I went to the pediatrician and he suggested I get the one with the "orange" label. The one for sensitive tummies. Yeah, you know the one. Well, I got it. It cost more, but he needed it. He started taking it and he seemed a lot less fussy. So the "orange" one became his go to. Well, the time passed. My sweet chubby baby was eating and we were no longer crying or struggling from our issues with nursing. Boy, was I thankful for the people who created formula.  However, in the back of my mind I always felt a little bad because I know that formula is full of ingredients that are man made. And for some reason that just felt weird to me. Still, I had no other alternative, so I continued the formula. Then a few months later at a checkup, the doctor told me that he was concerned about Carsten because he was "not thriving". As a mom, you do not want to hear those words.  It was clear that my chunky, healthy, little boy had thinned out. So I asked the doctor..."couldn't he just be a thin baby"? I mean, not all babies are fat. Right? But to this, the doctor responded something like. .."yes, it'd be fine if he were thin and still growing and increasing in percentage of weight gain and growth.  However, he is actually dropping in growth and weight percentile." He then proceeded to recommend I take Carsten to a pediatric Gastroenterologist. I contacted one and he agreed that Carsten needed supplements, medicine to make him hungry, and possibly visits to an endocrinologist. My heart sank. I called my husband and cried. I called my mom and cried. Then I called my brother and he told me to give Carsten the new product he had been working on for years QuinoAmino. He told me he'd send me some samples right away. The timing was perfect. 


Now, I'm usually one to follow doctor orders. But I did not want to give my baby medicine to increase his appetite. They were already having me add Carnation breakfast packets in his milk at every.single.feeding. Guys, have you ever looked at the nutrition facts in that stuff? It's like a trash bomb. Aside from a list of ingredients that are too hard to pronounce, sugar is the second ingredient. But that's what he needed to help him grow. Or at least that's what the doctors told me. 


Now, I love and respect my brother with all my heart.  So when he told me about QuinoAmino and what was actually in it, I knew that the product was really what he claimed it was. I would give it to my child with my eyes closed. I had seen my brother work for QuinoAmino like it was his baby. 


QuinoAmino arrived just a few days later. It was in different packaging of course, because it was still in its early stages. However, when I opened it it had that same nutty delicious smell that you expect from a quality product. And when I looked at the ingredient list, there really were only 3 ingredients listed. Three ingredients which are each considered "super" foods, but also straight from Mother Earth and not altered like most commercial baby food formula or supplements. QuinoAmino does not need fillers, preservatives, or added sugar because it is not meant to fool you into thinking your "nutrition" with "great" taste. It is real nutrition, complete nutrition, the way Mother Nature wants you to have it. 


Needless to say, I immediately began adding QuinoAmino to Carsten's food. I put it in his oatmeal; I put it in his milk; I even put it in his yogurt. A couple weeks went by and I had another follow up with the specialist. And to my relief, Carsten grew! He gained weight! Music to my ears. Carsten has been steady growing since then and he is now a healthy AND thriving 3 year old. QuinoAmino is to thank for that. It gave his body the nutrition that it needed when it was lacking and it gave him energy which resulted in increased hunger. All of this with no dangerous side effects or dangerous complications. It was all natural and safe. Now, I can't tell you that we still use QuinoAmino with Carsten as often as we used to, but now that he is healthier and thriving on his own I mainly use QuinoAmino for baking and adding extra nutrients to my family's diet. All three of my children take QuinoAmino and they have never been affected negatively from it. QuinoAmino is super safe for babies and children. Try it, you won't regret it! Your health will thank you! 




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