Valentino is the world's most famous long hair supermodel and the secret to his luscious hair and healthy look started with a little gold seed known as Quinoa.  In 2005 while living in Utah, U.S.A. Valentino saw his girlfriend pull out an envelope filled with vitamins to get her daily fix of nutrients for her health and beauty.  He asked her why she did all of that, when all she needed to do was just eat quinoa.  At that time his girlfriend hadn't even heard of quinoa.  Quinoa was a little gold seed from Peru full of nutrients that Valentino's mother would feed his family since they were children.  His mother and grandfather always taught him that quinoa was the healthiest food on earth.  She used to tell Valentino that quinoa would make him grow strong, healthy and beautiful.  It wasn't easy to prepare though, he remembered seeing how hard his mother worked to prepare the quinoa, as she would first wash the seeds by hand, thoroughly to remove its bitter coating before cooking it like rice.  Over meals Valentino's grandfather always told him, "one day you will do something special for Peru".  Inspired by all of this and what quinoa had done for his health and beauty, Valentino wanted to share quinoa with the world and so he spent the next couple of years traveling back to Peru to create QuinoAmino.  Now Valentino and his brothers help the world gain their best health and beauty through QuinoAmino and are doing something special for Peru.

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Company headquarters 1351 S 1500 E Provo, UT 84606.

Los Angeles Division 1234 N La Brea Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90038.

Tel. 1(424) 245-5816.

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