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85% quinoa seed

Quinoa, the healthiest food on the planet!  Known as the mother of all seeds to the Incas, quinoa was and is revered because it provides the most life-giving nutrients to the body than any other food; from the 9 essential amino acids and other aminos and complete protein, to essential vitamins, minerals and omega acids.  Quinoa is gluten free, easy to digest, low glycemic and a great source of fiber, iron, lipids, magnesium and phosphorous.  At a nutritional level, quinoa has an almost perfect balance between fats, proteins and carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed by the body generating a healthy metabolism for the body and brain.  Because of these nourishing benefits and many more, quinoa's benefits for the all around health and beauty are unmatched!

10% lucuma fruit

The lucuma in QuinoAmino is the real fountain of youth superfood. Known as the gold of the Incas, lucuma is low-glycemic, rich in calcium and provides a vast quantity of anti-oxidants like vitamin C and trace minerals, which help strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and slow the aging process.  A food for beautiful skin, hair, strength and health

5% maca root

Maca, is the powerhouse superfood! Known as the go to food for Inca warriors before battle. Maca is very nourishing and is a great source of important vitamins and minerals from proteins to omega acids, to fiber, to vitamins B & C, to copper, iron, potassium, and manganese to name a few.  Maca has flavonoids and is known for balancing hormone levels, improving mental well being and mood, improving memory, reducing menopause symptoms in women, increasing blood flow, stamina, promoting a healthy libido, gaining muscle, increasing strength, boosting energy and improving all-around performance.

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