We are proud to provide the best food product in the food industry.  QuinoAmino is a food for beautiful skin, hair, strength and health.  As we continue to grow our brand and expand our reach, we are excited to work in unison with qualified influencers who will share our vision and promote our product.


To be eligible for our affiliate program you must have a required minimum amount of 10k real, active and engaged followers or subscribers on Facebook , Instagram, or YouTube.  Must be 18 years of age or have parent approval and be a resident of the United States.  Must have an active Venmo or PayPal account to get paid.


We offer industry-leading, performance based pay-scales that start at 15% commissions per gross sale amount and increase with overall gross sales volume.  Commissions are paid after each sale is processed.


To get started click on the chat button now and open a conversation with us expressing your interest in our affiliate program.  We will inform you of the next steps to take to join our affiliate program.  We do not provide free samples.  Although you are not required to purchase anything, we recommend that you become familiarized with QuinoAmino before joining our affiliate program.

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*While QuinoAmino will have positive effects in your overall health, it does not guarantee to treat or cure everyone.  Nor is it intended to diagnose or prevent every disease.

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